Asteroid Field script that creates local or infinite/endless asteroids fields with the amount of asteroids of your choice. Asteroids are meshes with 3 shapes with 3 levels of detail (low, medium, high.) 6 asteroid textures (Diffuse and Bump.) The Asteroid Field script will spawn asteroids with different probability for materials (so you can have a very common type of asteroid and different levels of rare (maybe precious metal) asteroids.) The script also ensure that infinite asteroid fields re-spawn asteroids that become out of range to a new location ahead of the player, but out of view. Optionally the asteroids can fade in with a temporary transparent material to make subtle appearances of asteroids.


  1. Daniel · November 28, 2013 Reply

    Can each spawned asteroid have an initial velocity and vector, or are they stationary?

    • admin · November 28, 2013 Reply

      The spawned asteroids can be stationary or random drifting rotation / speed within a range and they are optionally rigidbodies.

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