The current release of SPACE for Unity is version 1.02.

Please report issues and send feedback / feature requests through the contact form.

Reported Issues

(Minor) Planets and moons intersect sometimes when prefab is created

Cause: Insufficient checking to see whether planets and moons exist upon creation
Why: Thought it may be rare to have many planets so checking wasn’t a priority.
Workaround: Move planets manually or re-create the planets and hope the new formations don’t intersect.
Fix: Will be implemented in (possibly next) update

Version History

Version 1.02

FIXED (Minor) Local stars white disc disappear in Unity v4

Cause: The particle system used to create the white disc was set to Infinity for life and duration. This works in Unity 3.5 but once the disc had once been visible in Unity 4 and went out of view the particle system stopped and the disc disappeared.
Why: Could be a bug in the Shuriken particle system? Infinite life should still be infinite even if out of view for a while.
Workaround: Change particle system for ParticleSystem-disc and set Life to 100 and Duration to 100
Fix: Fixed in version 1.02.

FIXED Planet flicker some times in Unity v4

Cause: Point light for local stars was set to 1E+10 because Unity 4 did not support “Infinite” for Point Light range. The large number caused a problem in Unity 4 where planets could flicker with large black areas.
Why: Most likely because of floating point precision issues with such a high value.
Workaround: Change point light for local stars (found in the child hierarchy of the local star prefab) to range 100000
Fix: Fixed in version 1.02.

FIXED (Minor) Deprecated SetActiveRecursively and used in Unity v4

Cause: Deprecated commands raise warning messages when compiling in Unity 4
Why: Compiler version specific code was not implemented for deprecated commands.
Workaround: Wait for update – the code will work as designed with the warnings.
Fix: Fixed in version 1.02.

FIXED (Minor) Spaceship not visible in scene Demo - Planet Climates

Cause: The renderer is disabled for the two objects Spaceship/MeshEngines and MeshSpaceship
Why: I was capturing some video screenshots without the spaceship and apparently forgot to re-enable the renderer =)
Workaround: In Hiererachy, select Spaceship/MeshEngines and tick the box “Mesh Renderer” in the inspector. Do the same for MeshSpaceship. Save the scene.
Fix: Fixed in version 1.02.

FIXED (Minor) Planet with material Planet-Desert-OrangeWithImpacts has no atmosphere and magenta dots

Cause: The material SpaceUnity/Materials/Planets/Desert-OrangeWithImpacts is missing a label “atmosphere-brown-medium”
Why: No idea – too late, not enough coffee and screaming children when I added the asset labels maybe? =)
Workaround: Click on the material in the project window, click the little blue icon with three dots “…” in the lower right corner of the preview in the inspector. Add the label “atmosphere-brown-medium”
Fix: Fixed in version 1.02.


Coming Features

Fixed angle / orbital zoom camera

New feature to the camera script for fixed angle and mouse orbital rotation around a target transform (e.g. player spaceship)

ETA: Not decided.

Extended GUI demo

I’ll be adding a new demo scene with more GUI controls to switch camera chase mode and enable/disable camera effects and asteroids.

ETA: Next update, 1.1

Warp between space scenes

I’m currently working on a warp between scenes effect so that the SpaceSceneSwitcher script/prefab can instantiate a nice hyper-speed/warp-speed effect when switching between two space scenes.

ETA: Hopefully next update, 1.1 – but no promises =)

Android Demo Scene + Shader Review

  1. Tests have been performed on Android and everything except the volumetric atmospheres appear to work in the current release (it still looks good without the haze atmosphere because there are other shader effects that do work to form an inner atmospheric outline – and the screen is so small on mobile devices that it isn’t too obvious.)  I’ll still have a look if I can get the shader to work fully on Android as well.
  2. I’ll implement a demo scene for Android with thumb joystick and I’ll add support for Android controls in the script.

ETA: Next update, 1.1 (shader support uncertain)

iOS Support

SPACE UNITY has not been tested on iOS yet – I need to hook up my iPad and see what needs to be done to compile to the pad before I can announce how it works. I’d welcome any input if you have tested it on iOS.

ETA: not set

Cinematic option for Camera views

An additional mode for the camera where it basically does random (or maybe spline-based) movements through the scene to be used for menus etc.

ETA: not set

Seeded randomness in asteroid fields

The option to have a seed for randomization always generating identical asteroid fields.

ETA: not set